With the rising price of film and the fact that film photography requires both buying and developing films, many people think that film photography is expensive, but it is not as expensive as you expect.


Cost comparison


The image sensor format of "full-frame" in digital photography (about 36mm x 24mm) is the 135 film format prevalent in the film era. The reason why "full-frame" is sought after by many people is that it has a large sensor, which allows images has a shallower depth of field and higher resolution at the same aperture.

Most 135 film SLR cameras (with lens) cost less than HKD 2,000. On the contrary, a "full-frame" DSLR with a lens can cost more than HKD 10,000. 

Using regular retail film, buying and developing films is around HKD 110. Assuming that the price of a "full-frame" digital SLR is HKD 14,000, and the cost of a film SLR is HKD 1,500, then the price of a digital camera is equivalent to 3500-4000 pictures taken by a film camera. I believe it is overwhelming the needs of most users.


Room for appreciation


In addition, film cameras are more valuable than digital ones. If they are properly maintained, some may even have room for appreciation. On the other hand, digital photography technology is changing rapidly, and the price of a camera is permanently reduced after purchase.




Therefore, if you only take a few photos in your spare time and do not pursue some digital camera functions (like high-speed continuous shooting, 4K recording, high-speed focusing, etc.), the cost of film shooting and digital shooting is not much different. 

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