One of the most common problems for newbies is that the captured images are "smoky"; the entire image is blurry.


If the focus is correct, the problem is most likely the shutter.


At night or in low-light environments (such as indoors), the camera needs to slow the shutter to increase exposure, but slow shutter speeds make the camera prone to blurry photos due to handshake. There are the following methods to solve "Song Yumeng":

1. Turn on the flash


A straightforward way is to provide an additional light source to the environment, allowing the camera to shoot at a faster shutter speed when using auto mode.


2. Adjust the shutter to "safe shutter."


(Only applicable to cameras with adjustable the shutter)


As long as your shutter speed is equal to or faster than the "safety shutter", then under normal circumstances, handheld shooting will not blur the photo.


"Safety Shutter" = 1 / Focal Length


If you are using a 55mm lens, you should adjust the shutter to be equal to or faster than 1/55 (55x) when shooting handheld.

However, if the shutter speed is too fast, it may lead to insufficient exposure, so be careful.


3. Attach the camera

There will be no handshake problem if you use a tripod when shooting or place the camera on a flat surface.


4. Use film with a higher ISO

In auto mode, using a higher ISO film allows the camera to choose a faster shutter, reducing the chance of blurry photos due to handshake.